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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  February 1, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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two people dead after a homicide in elyria, stacey frey has the latest . kind of county justice center has closed down because of our issues this noon . i'll caucuses are now underway officially come to you who is aheadll with a live report from jessica biel, beginning with breaking news,
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disclosed because of water issues inside the building, water pressureons will not be restored until this afternoon at the earliest, those on the upper floors have been told to leave after morning docket . stay with us for the latest on this developing story . the man and woman dead after a late-night shooting in the parking lot, in elyria last night as stacey frey was there joins us . friends and family say that this wasas a young married couple, what they were doing their last night , is something that they cannot figure out the police got a calle about call about 11:00 p.m. last night of shots fireda1 near the rear of an apartment complex inside of a rented suv they found a man woman dead, and not least
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they say that the couple is from malariasa but does not live near there and stop a witness said that she walked to the giant giant eagle next door noticing two suvs. that had anything to do with the murders of police are have not said about thatof man driving away , people living on my sensei did not not witness any think. >> play some interest in connection with a robbery that
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e 41 derrick cetin kitchens and montaigne are arrested and expected to be charged later on today, andme accused of holding up a woman outside of the great northern mall last week they say that they stole her purse, video, shows them a short time later like none we couldn't store after trying to use her credit card can n' they believe that they are behind a number of armed robberieseh throughout northeast ohio. >> a forum performed in toledo today to discuss how to make an event of preventable to make her antidote to those best available . mike white house national drug policy
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be injected, or as an inhaler, and was ministeral to 13,000 times in the state last year alone. >> recent incident happened back on january 26ec at home on forest drive and tried to rob the 22 -year-old was shot in the arm they say that five of the teenagers had weapons only when fired their arrest on friday to say that they all have prior records . >> all of a sudden we heard three distinct pops without that something had hit our window .. >> 45 of them for five of them they went to that house to try to rob a person orat who owed know that somebody. >> there walked up to me
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>> senator grendell ac judge this morning accused of driving drunk, they say that he was driving down lost nation road he ran over a man and woman walking alongside the street with his pickup truck victims were taken to the hospital, a the 50 -year-old male died, the 57 or one also find . he faces vehicular homicide and assault charges . months of campaigning and million-dollar spend at but starting today, it comes down to the verdict . jessica dill joins us on this tight race in six nightsgh big iowa caucus . her debates . that candidates drop out now it is starting to come e down to the voters . tonight at
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they can possibly narrow the field of residential candidates for the democrats it is a dead heat between bernie sanders and hillary clinton,n, the most recent cnn poll puts her just three points ahead of sanders martin o'malley far behind, and donald trump with republicans holding a lead over ted cruz they say that a donald trump victory wouldld come down to turnout. >> turnout is important because it says something about whether he has interested the electorate can bring out the votersst. >> up till now, those polls and the policy have had this for now the voters will say who station of everything being predetermined by polling and pollsnd have been notoriously
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exciting night. >> turning to the weather, some blue skies after a weekend warm-up . show you now a look just outside of fox 8 studios cv lake erie in the distance now check in withhe aj colby . not looking too bad up here, some sunshine goes a long way . it is on the chilly side . looking at radar, near liverpool , to some very
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degrees hopkins and . just a couple of different layers of cloud cover . . 39 degrees ashtabula and youngstown, low 40 s downstate, this shows the rain department a little heavier downstatep . to the west, the snowstorm in the rockies . heading up into nebraska, they could look at 1 foot of snow fallf as the system moves
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on details and a february forecast coming up in a few minutes and groundhog day is tomorrow with those details just moments away. still to come, it is a citizens arrest, what happened when a the woman pulled over a ed police
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so virginia tech student is under arrest accused in murder of a the murder of a 13-year-old girl , was charged yesterday accused of helping a general david eisenhower arrested on saturday, the 30-year-old was
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and the family says that the t dresser was pushed against her bedroom door and she probably climbed out the window,pu her body found saturday about 100 miles from home,es but she knew at least for the suspects there's no word on how she died . for the driver turned the tables on the policeman after she says that >> reasonable do-over today is because i'm asking you to have a conversation as i saw you since you when you first jumped onto the palmetto and you're pushing 90 mpho. >> phone says it was 1:30 p.m. and she wanted nono what was the emergency so just happen to have her cell phone recording and she followed him until he pulled over, he thought that she needed help until she started to question him. >> on how fast i was going to
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don't believe i was speeding. to slow down, police department is investigating this back a couple ou met on mr. graham did not just decide to meet for the first time,id they got married moments later. >> they met randomly on mr. graham about a year ago, t he was new york and she lives in california, share videos and music for one year and then he purchased a one-way ticket to meet her and also to marry her,t h they exchanged vows at the airport .. >> don't listen to your your head cut off all your and sole.'t >> for anybody who does not
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happen to you. >> they got got engaged in their marriage, says that the consumer she cannot drag your feet and
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we have a stunning shot ,, time-lapse of a cloud deck . we see some sunshine out there .s rainfall this morning, but it is now to the southeast, and will remain there for the rest of the afternoon tonight should be dry as the showers continued to move southeast .ho still some breaks in the overcast, it looks like it will be going in just about as
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evening,g, eight to 9:00 o'clock, show at least a little bit of clearing, it it'll be partial clearing tonight and hopefully enoughe by tomorrow morning, to see strangulation of the planets and the crescent moon . this coming to us from jay reynolds . appreciate you sending us the information . this is looking for the southeast and then a cluster of planets, venus pluto and curry . pluto will be visible . maybe something to look for, 60 degrees the high temperature yesterday the averages 35 it's nice to be chewed dozen degrees above ritual this time of year 60-
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of january is better late than never for the january thaw . the ar first time in three years, that we have had 60 degrees or more . back to christmas week to see chapters like we had saturday and sunday . wonder why christmas, christmas week was 50 -- 65 degrees december 23 . some breaks in sunshine today and filed for the seasonnd . it will expected in terms of whether issued tomorrowct 50 with increasing clouds rain showers possible with this weather system . eventually we get into
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chances are pretty well with highs aroundr 30 and mid to upper 30s saturday and sunday computer models are not doing a good job with this particular weather setup so stay with us
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and he actually may have a tough time getting around because uber driver is ourur staging a strike, upset about the decision to cut prices by 15 percent, good news for customers but many of the driver sayo it is unfair cutting profits about 1,000s drivers aren't talking about not working for 24 hours .n engineers begin work at gm to put some driving cars on the roadways,p . they say t that the shows they no longer consider the autonomous cars a research project but under development carmaker says the goal is to become a leader ins so driving technology if you think
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,, bill gates admits to being fanatical about work when he was younger so says that he worked weekendsy do not believe in vacations and glamorized his employees license plates to keep tabs on them and says that he used to t look at the parking lot to see when people arrived and were leaving, hehe says that eventually loosened up . today is national frozen yogurt day . get away for a 6-ounce cups from up four until 7:00 p.m. today, you pay extra for any extra ounces and one limits of whatun extra cut per customerw go to fox for fox for more info and. for here sure that breast milk is best but that he could
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it fox 8 news have an update on our top storyry identities of the two people killed outside a liberal complex and hillary have been released . three-tierer michael lewis and his wife, 22 -year-oldic sami lewis come, harry stacey frey with the very
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>> friends and family say that this was a young married couple, but they were doing in the parking lot last night is something that theydp cannot figure out out, the police were called abouto 11:00 p.m. last night withed reports of shots fired on fox hill lane near the rear of and apartment complex and elyria inside of a rented suv they found a couple bad,a go to two people who live their said theyy won't with her cousin the wall and does not at that apartment complex and the cousin saysa they were not there to visit the. >> she is real nice a family person,, she did no wrong stood anybody she's a sweetheart . she would give two anybody. two suvs parked next to each other as she was walking back to her apartment,, one of them took
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victims bodies were located. >> lyndhurst occurring began a controversial dare program to control the population they discussed it yesterdayt they will trap and kill the deer using a bolt gun to say the most effective and safest way to do so, they have a permitun to kill up to 20 but plants plan to move only about five of them, that meets will then be given to northeast ohio food banks. >> the heat so show support for retired police officer raising money to buy his k-9 partner, is seen here pictured with a dog do recently retired he offered to buy him for $3,500 for under statend law that all must be sold at auction because he is considered public property, only officers,l ed active or retired or those who trained police canines
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go-fund-me countless set up to help and racing $37,000 so far, he says the excess will be donated to the program fighting bulletproof vest for k-9 officers . the canton office will begin training with his new caninein partner today, of the ryan davis iser previous partner jethro was killed by the duty,, davis was in houston last week to select his new partner, they spentar some time together at his home this weekend. >> certainly felt a warm up this weekend, ite kind of felt like spring especially yesterday this is a live look from the roofcam, going to send it into the
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you see some sunshine up towards ashtabula county . and then clouds along the lake shore around the islands . the maps in motion tried to clear out at least partiallyed they should have someho sunshine tomorrow with high-pressure moving east allowing ao decent sized winterstorm into plains states withd rainfall and thunder ahead of the system we could have some severe weather in tennessee valley, snowfall on the backside , about 18 inches is possible over parts of nebraska into iowa .8 colder temperatures, for the end of the week perhaps a bit milder but not by much for
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arrives again with very cold temperatures . today sunshine, low 40s, increasing clouds tomorrow . a pretty mild groundhog day with a high of 50 degrees .. it will be when they come into wednesday mid 30s snowflakes on thursday and 30s through the weekend, computer models pointing towards a cold air outbreaks for next week . it might not all come together .
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hearing from kevin love and lebron james after their victory over the spurs here's p.j. ziegler with the rest of your he money sports. >> a pretty good first week on the job as head coach for tyronn lue a big victory for the second best team in the nba the spurs, he is 41 thanks to the up-tempo offense, they combined for 71 points of the big three, lebron james kevin love and kyrie irving, lebron james said that the victory was well the best of the season just a bit great to have some good basketball replied .s but this up-tempo offense we executed what he wanted tot offensively and
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>> since the more up-tempo offense kevin love skinheads check it out similar to how he you did in minnesota, a 20 . three straight game averaging 21 points .20ig and 11 rebounds in the victory over san antonio on saturday, describing his role in the offenseh she said just to get out there and play.. >> to make some good reads and grades and to be good basketball playing . lebron james, his basketball iq is, nobody better. >> in columbus columbus, the new daytime,s they led by six would
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down by two, ohio state takes the lead, but will not last, they get a get a four . maryland leadt and then he gets the big three from the corner position maryland beats ohio state for the second time this season 56 .ths fifty-one .s super bowl 50 is just a week away, they both arrived in the bay area sunday, broncos arriving first and then carolina 7:00 p.m. sunday the t panthers are 17 and one with the best offense best offense in the league the broncos, with the best defense,e, both teams already .a >> this is about this super bowl 50, at the end of the event it is to play the game and that is
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>> just stay focused and. >> pro-bowl fyi, alex mack, representing the browns and eli manning hits gary barnidge for the reception and they did a great job representing clevelandd in the pro-bowl .in a few more weeks left of relaxation for the report toof spring training in good arizona see how much mike napoli andd they were sent back to club, madly signed a deal a with the indians december, he signed a one-year deal . he sees him as a nice fit for the indians just a a.
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team guyuy, and davis, he was such w a thorn in our side before. >> less than three weeks until
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this zika virus raising concern for the olympics in rio, that since it is growing, it could scare away athletes and those going to travel to south america , given the committee urging people to take precautions against mosquito bitesee and suggests that women who are pregnant should assess
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ahead as planned and will be secure forl everybody . we constantly learn more about benefits of breast-feeding they found that it can save a few amounts to 13 percent of childhood deaths under two years old er also found that breast-feeding can prevent 20,000 maternal deaths each year world health organization recommends breast-feeding until at least age to research shows that that children in low to middle income cup trees will bebe breast-fed only six months . a former patient of dr. ben carson claims that he botched her brain surgery, crime watch daily has the story is in
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director of pediatric nurse surgery in the united states most famous for separating in conjoined twins . she's not impressed, she says that he's and several of her life forever. >> the surgery that he performed left me with deficits which has destroyed my dreams . we established surgical guidelines by saying that you cannot remove anything from the brainstem or resection of the killer he said michael is not to kill your kid i will follow your surgical guidelines .i this the assistant surgeon said that he got it all, i would never have gone that far
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asked about her facial droop and he said, that would be temporary . >> she returned to school the kids were cruel. >> i went back to school, i was called a freak , and a loser . it may need to press. >> dr. ben carson's medical license is in good standing and has never been under any criminal investigatione for any surgery, wished out to him him him for a statement by doctor carson's campaign climb, and said that hipaa laws prevented them from discussing the case . she would rather have her physical disability and neurological disabilities restored it is not about the money . doctor carson raised $25 million last quarter as a presidential candidate . just
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the patient.. >> whose wife that she destroyed ?e doctor carson . >> turn into the next crime watch daily. >> begin seeing crime watch daily at 2:00 p.m. on fox 8
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but again this weekend i will need lots of last-minute shopping for tvs, which has the buying guide in the tech reportch suspect a lot of people use this
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that's not a bad idea because there's some pretty good deals around super bowl sunday, some say they rival the black friday deals,e tell you about something that youab need to know so when you go in for the upgrade you are prepared speech back hd, alter hd, while ole db, 4-k, terminology has changed but the bottom line has not.. >> every year the committee wanted the tv's. >> super bowl is one of the most popular time to upgrade eight number one factor is price according to a study from fatwallet .com featureser come in second and then the namebrand. >> people are curious about the 4-k experience they want know what that iscu . >> most of the better tvs will
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resolution but the manufacturers put the better quality electronics into the higher end to these respectsr the 4-k confidence scarce but if you buy what it is worth getting wanted to handle future. >> sure your tv has hdmi two . zero -- a come and htc p., two . two compatible. >> them into layman's terms that the older model 4-k might not be fully compatible with upcoming accessories. >> the price point on the ole db still fairly high compared to elsie the. >> and simplest simplest terms you will have white or white and white or black with four color rangege . >> sunniest tops, samsung and lg are great vets and vizio for a good combo a lot in price. >> one feature that you can can skip is being curbed tv, and by
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and it is more expensive, so you can save some cash by not getting that option, but then you will want to do is to calibrate your tv . that way to get the best picture possible can learn more at the website,, i'm rich demuro,
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i'll come back, this week has been going viral going viral going viral shows a drummer going through window while performing in a nashville bar, he lost the loss of balance,a he fell onto the sidewalk he was not service certain injured, then went back into the bar and started to play once again, he is okay .. >> the black-and-white bear sees plenty of green top of the box office, kung panda three,e, at but the box office competition,
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chinese new year with a late january release he made $75 million overseas, it 30-second spot took the second spot followed by star wars the force awakens .t t. bird said pink ladies back in action last night so for the live far the live show has brought in rave reviews. got a fresh take on the 1978 movie, the cast featured julianne hough, and until then,
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and more . it is available on itunes and spotify. >> vanessa hudgens announcing that her father had died just hours before her performance in greece live, she waited -- so sad to say that last night my daddy, passed away away from stage four cancer thank you to everyone who kept him in yourh your prayers, tonight i will do the show with his daughter,. >> she was cast as rizzo in the show, she has received high
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she was awesome last night and nobody even knew. >> it has been fairly amazing and the weather department yesterday we had a high ofh 60 degrees, were still above normal . today some breaks of sunshine with partly too mostly clear,e it'll be quite tonight, 28 . tomorrow around 50 degrees or maybe a little better . increasing clouds and showers
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strong winds tomorrow and into wednesday . showers early then
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